Health & Wellbeing Consultant

London, UK | Job Posted 28/06/2017

Our clients will require guidance and direction to ensure that all their benefits are structured correctly to protect themselves and their employees, especially with regard to Life Assurance and the reducing Life Time Allowance.

Responsibilities for those clients include year-round management of their benefit strategy, from supporting them in defining their approach to health and absence, to design and brokerage of the benefits through to implementation of processes and initiatives, using our platform, Darwin™.

The Health and Wellbeing Consultant will also have responsibilities in shaping the development of our Benefits Governance approach, as well as providing input to sales and marketing, through the delivery of thought leadership, presenting at events and supporting the sales process, to help win new clients and increase our engagement with existing clients.




 What you will be doing:


  • Delivery of Annual Renewal Cycle – the Consultant will be responsible for managing the renewal cycle for each of their client’s benefits, including meeting with the client to assess and agree their demands and needs for the year, from which the Consultant will oversee the data gathering, quote and negotiation process, before presenting their recommendations to their clients. Once the client has agreed their course of action for the renewal, the Consultant will oversee any implementation.
  • Delivery of Benefits Governance – the Consultant will be responsible for preparing and presenting Benefits Governance throughout the year to their clients, to ensure the clients objectives are met, the cost of the benefit programme is sustainable and they are driving better outcomes
  • In addition to that, as required by the Client, the Consultant will be responsible for providing more frequent, updates throughout the scheme year, to maintain the relationship with the client and report on certain performance aspects of their scheme, through the monitoring of claims and usage.
  • Finally, the Consultant shall ensure the proper follow-up and recording of the process internally.
  • Developing other Opportunities – through the Governance process, the Consultant will be responsible for identifying and demonstrating to their clients the need for and value of utilising other products and services, which drive improved health and absence outcomes. The Consultant will then play an active role in closing those opportunities, delivering addition value and revenue to Thomsons.
  • The Consultant will then be responsible for delivering or overseeing the delivery of those new products and services, working with other teams in the business to ensure that the technology and communications are updated to align to the changes in products and services.
  • Providing Ongoing Support to their Clients – as and when clients request ad hoc support or requests for information, the Senior Consultant will own the response to the client to ensure that delivery happens within our agreed SLAs and to the quality levels that we set by the H&WB Team Manager.

 Personal Development

  • Ensure compliance and competency – the Senior Consultant will work with the H&WB Team Manager to create a personal development and competency plan that they will use to maintain and monitor their own competency and compliance throughout the year.


  • To comply with the Information Security Policy and to preserve the availability, confidentiality and integrity of the information assets of Thomsons Online Benefits. To be security aware and to report any Information Security Incidents promptly.
  • To display personal leadership and example in information security, ensure the Organisation’s policies and procedures are followed and all team members are fully briefed.


  • Maintain and comply with the rules, guidance and regulations as set out by Thomson’s Compliance function to ensure compliance with the FCA rules and guidance. To maintain and comply with the rules, guidance and regulations as set by the FCA and adhere to TOB compliance requirements as set out in the relevant Thomsons Policies.


What you can expect from us:

  • Being a part of a global and successful, but still fast growing company.

  • An open, fail-friendly and fun environment.

    We reward our people for living our values and contributing to our business through a variety of benefits and perks:

  • Birthday day off.
  • Yoga, Zumba and fitness classes with a personal trainer
  • Free fruit in every office - yes, we all love cake – and there are many talented Thomsons bakers –but we want to encourage you towards your 5-a-day too!
  • Matching charity contributions, charity days off and Pay it Forward charity challenges
  • A spending account for you to spend on the things you decide are important
  • Pension, Life and medical insurance

 And the list goes on!