Project Manager (Delivery Lead)

Cluj, Romania | Job Posted 30/03/2017

Do you love a good challenge? We are looking for a passionate person that is dedicated to maximising potential, inspiring others to be the best version of themselves and keeping our development teams focused on continuously delivering the highest possible value to sustain our product evolution.

The Project Manager (called Delivery Lead, at Thomsons), effectively operates as a Scrum Master across many self-organising teams, and combines the Project Management approach to identify delivery / implementation risks, tracking milestones and our product release plans.

You will be closely working with our product Darwin™, a cloud-based global benefits management and employee engagement software, used by some of the world’s most innovative companies.


What will you be doing:


  • Build a trusting environment, where delivery is a team commitment
  • Build up new teams and coach team members on how to apply the internal methodology
  • Guide and coach the delivery teams in order to use the internal practices and values to their maximum potential, and to get the most out of self-organization
  • Coach the team towards cross-functionality
  • Coach the team to think, communicate and work towards a common goal
  • Challenge/empower the team towards continuous improvement of the delivery process, quality, velocity and deliver value to the business as quickly as possible


  • Close collaboration with our cross-locations Delivery Leads, regarding future deliverables, resourcing, and product roadmap.
  • Liaison between teams and other stakeholders, create a balance between the project’s key stakeholders and help the team perform at their highest level
  • Constructively and positively challenge other people’s ideas and approaches


  • Handle multiple teams/projects at a time, of about 6-7 people each
  • Manage tight resource constraints and conflicting priorities, ensuring that appropriate work is prioritized
  • Keep track of many tasks, documents and communication threads
  • Optimize and maintain a consistent approach between managed teams


We are looking for a PINK person, with:

Personal Skills:

  • Servant Leader– Must be able to garner respect and trust from his / her team and be willing to get their hands dirty to get the job done. Be skilled at building strong relationships and partnerships
  • Communicative and social– Must be able to communicate well with teams (High standard of communication in English - both verbal and written)
  • Facilitative– Must be able to lead and demonstrate value-add principles to a team and other stakeholders (project, initiative and management)
  • Assertive– Must be able to ensure Agile/Scrum concepts and principles are adhered to, must be able to be a voice of reason and authority, make the tough calls.
  • Situationally Aware– Must be the first to notice differences and issues as they arise and elevate them to management
  • Enthusiastic– Must be high-energy
  • Continual improvement- Must continually be growing ones craft learning new tools and techniques to manage oneself and a team
  • Conflict resolution- Must be able to facilitate discussion and facilitate alternatives or different approaches. Be comfortable in challenging and supporting colleagues
  • Attitude of empowerment- Must be able to lead a team to self-organization
  • Attitude of transparency– Must desire to bring disclosure and transparency to the business about development and grow business trust

Technical Skills:

  • Software development/Quality assurance background
  • Familiarity with common Agile practices (iterative development), service-oriented environments, and able to adapt the methodology to the specific project context
  • A minimum of 3 years in delivering software throughout its full life cycle
  • Previous experience in Scrum Master or Project Manager roles
  • Ability to identify and manage risk, notice early signs of failure and respond decisively and proportionately
  • Good time management and scheduling skills, and a history of making sound decisions quickly under stress
  • A good understanding of all disciplines involved in a software development process
  • Presentation and negotiation skills
  • A self-motivated and proactive individual who has demonstrated an ability to organise and prioritise own workload whilst responding to the evolving needs of the team and stakeholders
  • Strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation
  • Understand the value of commitments to delivery made by a development team


What we offer:

  • A yearly budget and the opportunity to build your own flexible benefits package
  • Work as part of a geographically distributed team, with colleagues in UK and Singapore
  • Fast-paced, agile work environment and the opportunity to work with our impressive clients