Global Employee Benefits Watch

What do your employees really think of their benefits? Are you confident that you are offering a market-leading global benefits program? If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone! We've collated all our global benefits research into this library of resources for HR and reward professionals so you can meet employee needs and deliver true business value.

Global Employee Benefits Watch 2017/18 Report

Our latest report includes insights from global HR and reward professionals and their employees. Covering a headcount of nearly 3 million.

The report will shed light on how you can create substantial, bottom line value for your organization by more effectively measuring and managing your benefits spend.

Simplify and streamline your HR systems to see your investment take off

Did you know you can use technology to be three times more likely to see a reduction in administration errors and four times more likely to be effective at reducing data and operational risk?

Our Global Employee Benefits Watch research found that market-leading organizations are following a best practice blueprint that streamlines and automates benefits administration by integrating global HR systems.

How-to guide: Effectively administer and manage global benefits

To help you maximize your efforts and deliver on your objectives, we’ve created a short ‘How-to guide: Effectively administer and manage global benefits’.

By following the tips set out in our guide, you’ll be more likely to ensure:

  • Tighter control of global costs
  • Reduction of data and operational risk
  • Consistent global governance.

How to approach benefits digitization in 2018

Our Co-founder and Managing Director Chris Bruce’s latest blog How to approach benefits digitization in 2018 gives tips on embracing a lean approach to HR, streamlining processes and delivering a consistent experience all over the world.