Global Employee Benefits Watch

What do your employees really think of their benefits? Are you confident that you are offering a market-leading global benefits program? If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone! We've collated all our global benefits research into this library of resources for HR and reward professionals so you can meet employee needs and deliver true business value.

Global Employee Benefits Watch 2017/18 Report

Our latest report includes insights from global HR and reward professionals and their employees. Covering a headcount of nearly 3 million.

The report will shed light on how you can create substantial, bottom line value for your organization by more effectively measuring and managing your benefits spend.

How market-leading organizations are unlocking the power of global benefits

Since last year, the number of organizations measuring the impact of their benefits program on business performance has doubled. This high-level infographic shows how market-leading employers are using global benefits analytics to get insight into employee needs and truly transform the employee experience. 


Three steps to help you deliver global benefits best practice

As the pace and scale of change in global benefits increases exponentially, this how-to guide will run you through what you need to do to ensure you are not left behind.

100% of organizations already following this best practice blueprint, considered that they were effective or very effective in meeting their business objectives.

Expectations vs reality: the widening gap in global benefits

This whitepaper has been created to offer never before seen insight from over 2,000 employees on: 

  • Which life goals are important to employees and what do they expect support on? 
  • What benefits do employees value the most?
  • How important is the use of technology and the quality of benefits communications to employees? 


What do your employees really want from their benefits?

This infographic answers the following burning questions: 

  • Are you meeting your employees' benefits needs and why does it matter?
  • What benefits do your employees value most?
  • What impact does meeting employees' benefits needs actually have on your business?

How to close the gap between employee needs and your global benefits program

For multinational organizations, creating and executing a reward strategy that’s fit for differing geographies, office environments and workforce demographics is challenging enough. But, employees are increasingly expecting employer support for their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as the ability to access benefits through technology.

In this how-to guide, we give actionable tips for how to make sure you are meeting your employees’ benefits needs.

Global benefits: how to catch the next wave of change

This webinar launches our new Global Employee Benefits Watch 2017/18 Report, uncovering:

  • What continuously evolving global benefits best practice looks like 
  • How the role of benefits in global people strategies is shifting
  • Why benefits analytics are critical for success.