UK Employee Benefits Watch

What do your employees really think of their benefits? Are you confident that you are offering a market-leading benefits program? If you aren’t sure, you’re not alone! We've collated all our UK benefits research into this library of resources for HR and reward professionals so you can meet employee needs and tackle the difficult challenges.

Boost your benefits strategy to connect with your people

Our research found that employers should take a step back and look at their benefits strategy as a whole!

Check out our how-to guide for three steps to achieving a market-leading benefits strategy that delivers tangible business impact through more engaged employees! 

How to create your benefits ecosystem

Discover what is currently in your benefits ecosystem and how you can connect all your HR systems together to drive ROI and engagement in this podcast

Creating a benefits ecosystem

In this video our benefits experts, David Dodd, Consulting Director, and Jack Curzon, Head of Scheme Design discuss connecting all your platforms into a benefits ecosystem so employees can access all their benefits in one place.


Optimise your benefits strategy for success

Want to take our advice and look at your benefits strategy as a whole? Check out our how-to guide for three steps to achieving a market-leading benefits strategy that delivers tangible business impact through more engaged employees! 

How to uncover your forgotten benefits

Discover what forgotten benefits you may have and how you can help your employees remember them with our podcast! Listen to understand:

  • What a forgotten benefit is
  • How to bring your forgotten benefits back into the limelight with relevant communications
  • How to ensure your benefits truly reflect your company culture

Aligning your benefits strategy

Your benefits experts, David Dodd and Jack Curzon, are back with another video to discuss the importance of reviewing and aligning your benefits strategy to fully support your employees' needs! 

Bringing your wellbeing initiatives together

The benefits duo are back again with a brand new video where they discuss bringing your mental, physical and financial wellbeing initiatives together to fully support your employees' needs.

Is it time you took a step back?

Our UK Employee Benefits Watch 2018 Report uncovers how market leaders are optimising all parts of their strategy to increase engagement and their connection with employees. 

Download this infographic for three key ways market-leaders are creating the ultimate connection with their people.


How to maximise your employees' wellbeing potential

Listen to this podcast to discover the four categories of health your employees need support with, from being well at work to taking long term absence.


UK Employee Benefits Watch 2018 report

Download our brand new report to:

  • Uncover the critical elements of a market leading UK benefits strategy
  • Find out how UK employers have created a connected benefits ecosystem grade experience of benefits for their people
  • Explore why it’s now critical to break down siloed wellbeing initiatives to create a holistic programme that enables employees to thrive

How to use benefits to connect with your employees

Watch the webinar now to discover: 

  • What the critical elements of a market-leading UK benefits strategy are
  • How market-leaders are crafting a consumer-grade experience to support their employees in the moments that matter
  • Why you need to break down wellbeing silos to create a holistic programme to enable your employees to thrive.


How to deliver your benefits communications with limited resources

Are your benefits going unloved and unnoticed? 

Listen to our brand new podcast episode to discover how you can effectively deliver your benefits communications to your employees, even with limited resources.

Client case studies - If you’ve got it. Flaunt it!

Check out this e-book filled with case studies from some of our award-winning and market-leading clients, including Mundipharma, Sage and Samsung.