Make faster, smarter decisions powered by Darwin™

With a global workforce and limited availability of centralised data, measuring the impact of your benefits programmes can be challenging. Darwin Analytics Centre enables you to make faster, smarter decisions about your benefits strategy, schemes and investments. There’s no need to pull lengthy reports, create metrics or rely on data specialists. Start improving your global benefits programme performance with the insight that matters – all at a click of a button.

Know your total global benefits spend

Leverage your global benefits data straight out of Darwin, helping you plan your benefits strategy, manage budgets and create compelling programmes that appeal to the breadth and diversity of your workforce.

  • Control and assign budgets across countries
  • Analyse who and where you are spending your benefits budget
  • Maximise the return on your benefits investment 

Measure the effectiveness of your reward schemes

Data driven insight gives a clear illustration of the value your different employee groups place on the benefits you offer. This enables you to flex and customise plans so you can deliver the benefits your employees want and use.

  • Build effective engagement plans across countries
  • Upload additional benefits data, providing a single source of truth
  • Deliver personalised schemes that support your recruitment and retention strategies
  • View the uptake of benefits by demography, business unit or location

Share data across the business

Dashboards in Darwin Analytics Centre are accessible and easy to use. You can schedule customised reports by email and share with colleagues, displaying the information you want to share.

  • Sleek, modern and easy to read charts that upload quickly on your dashboards
  • Choice of content, time zone, time, day and frequency
  • Control access to your data

Benchmark performance

Darwin Analytics Centre provides high level information and can also drill down into the detail, allowing you to benchmark the effectiveness of your benefits schemes. This insight can help you drive more effective talent attraction and retention strategies.

  • Analyse employee engagement by region and by demographics
  • Benchmark benefit uptake and spend across countries and benefits schemes
  • Compare workforce demographics across countries and regions