Engage your employees with on-demand benefits

Offering a benefit spending or reimbursements account allows you to provide greater choice and flexibility within your benefits scheme across a diverse workforce. Whether your benefits strategy focuses on boosting employee professional skills or fitness and health, the freedom of choice through reimbursements can be an attractive element of your overall reward strategy.

Facilitate greater choice

When employees are given choice and flexibility, there is a direct increase in employee engagement and overall satisfaction with benefits. Darwin™ enables you to deliver personalised benefits that will truly engage your employees. With a flexible spending account, they can choose and access the benefits that matter to them from an extended selection of options, from education to health, travel and more.

  • Accessible from any device, anywhere in the world
  • Receipts are scanned and uploaded quickly for approval so no more waiting

Improve utilisation and cost control

Control the use and uptake of benefits and, ultimately, avoid spiraling costs. Full audit trails and tracking of all reimbursements reduce risk of abuse, such as over-use when benefits like medical and dental services are provided without limits, and for dependents.

  • Control uptake by defining and implementing the annual limit
  • Include co-payments and frequency limits
  • Audit management

Reduce your administration burden

Streamline administration as employees manage their reimbursements online, allowing the scanning and upload of receipts directly against their claims. Darwin allows receipts to be filtered ensuring quick and efficient approval as well as simple claims management reporting, further minimising administration.

  • Manage multiple plans across multiple locations
  • Employees pay for what they want and submit an expense request for approval
  • Receipts can be easily scanned and uploaded