Reimagine total reward

Imagine if your total reward was more informative, easier to access and more engaging for an increasingly demanding and diverse workforce. At Thomsons we believe total rewards should be more than just an online statement; they should educate your employees about the total value of the benefits you offer them. 

Benefits hub with a modern look and feel

Encourage your employees to explore their benefits with cutting-edge, consumer technology that gives smart, instant access to all the benefits information relevant to them.

  • Responsive design gives a consistent user experience across all devices
  • Flexible content panels support imagery, video, links and text
  • Reinforce your brand with messaging and visuals that your employees will love
  • Support employees worldwide with multi-currency and multi-language capabilities

Personalised benefits communication

Use content and communications to drive employee understanding of their reward package. Darwin™ can help you increase value perception and improve engagement, from first joining to retirement - and all the stages in between.

  • Personalised content and communications
  • Dynamic content displaying up-to-date statements in real-time
  • Access to historic Total Reward Statements

Extra engagement without the extra workload

You can create an engaging, personalised experience for your workforce without creating any additional work for the HR and rewards team. Darwin’s efficient, self-service administration saves you valuable time and money.

  • Integration with HR and Payroll automates the flow of data between systems and streamlines your workload
  • Personalised content can be customised to different employee populations based on eligibility rules
  • Content can be regularly updated using easy to use administration tools - all managed by you at no cost