Welcome to part two of our Darwin 101 series!

In our first blog we gave an overview of Darwin™ and what it can do for HR and benefits administrators and employees. In this blog, we look a little more closely at how the Darwin™ Reward Centre, is designed with employees in mind.

Benefits are becoming an essential part of any job offering. Employees have come to expect comprehensive benefits packages and may make career decisions based on them, so employers put more and more effort into making them attractive and engaging.

Benefits packages offer employees tangible financial value. However, more important than this is their emotional value: the feeling employees have that their employer values and cares for them, rather than viewing them as a company resource. Unlike monetary remuneration, a benefits package requires the company to truly understand their employees’ needs to be valuable, and the benefits’ worth is determined by how much value employees ascribe to them rather than their cost.

The greater the variety and flexibility of the benefit package, the more likely employees are to feel valued.

It is no wonder then, that an increasingly number of companies are heading toward flexible benefits, offering the opportunity to employees to put together “the benefit package” that best fits their own circumstances.

However, with flexibility comes complexity and the big challenges of ensuring employees are provided with all relevant information to make the right selection and that they understand the value and impact of the benefits they are receiving.

The Darwin Reward Centre™ is designed to address these challenges and provide an engaging employee experience.

As a technology-focused company, we believe the user – in this case the employee – must be at the centre of all we do. To this end, we have adopted a User Centred Design approach to developing Darwin™. We have striven to ensure that the Reward Centre addresses the key challenges of flexible benefits by:

  • Showing available benefits and making the selection an easy and enjoyable process.
  • Making the intrinsic and extrinsic value of different benefits easily understandable.
  • Allowing modelling, especially for long term/high impact benefits such as pension.
  • Minimising offline paperwork and increase online enrolment of benefits.
  • Minimising support required from helpdesk or HR during benefits selection.

The Reward Centre is designed to provide at-glance view of a company’s benefits, offering guided navigation, modelling and review opportunities of benefit selection. It is designed so that all information is available when most appropriate so that the employees always feel in control.

We have put great attention into maintaining a high standard of user experience from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. At the end of the day, employees use consumer software, so why shouldn’t the software they use for their benefits be of the same high standard?

We are always striving to be better and to introduce the next exciting possibilities in the benefits management and employee engagement.

The first step has been in creating a market leading employee experience for benefit selection and management.

But, we are never idle and there are more than few things that we are working on at the moment.

The obvious one is expanding the mobilisation of the benefits management and selection experience. Watching the great change in digital consumption in the past few years and the wide spread move into mobile use in all industries we are eager to improve the mobile access to benefit review, modelling and selection.

We are also working on improving and expanding the modelling capability of the Reward Centre to provide a single place where employees can go to see how their financial future is building up.

All in all, we are keeping busy and there will be a lot more to come in the near future, so stay tuned!