Welcome to the first part of our new series: Darwin 101!

Whether you think you know Darwin pretty well, have heard of what we do, or are completely unfamiliar with Thomsons and our global benefits management software, we believe it will be helpful to provide some basic and not-so-basic answers about Darwin™ and what it can do for you.

What is Darwin™?

Darwin™ is our SaaS (that’s software as a service) platform for global benefits management and employee engagement.

It is designed for two groups of people; HR and employee benefit administrators, who access it through the Control Centre and employees, who use it via the Reward Centre.

With the Control Centre, HR teams can administer and report on all their different benefits globally.

However, the most exciting part of Darwin™ is the Reward Centre which is an intuitive portal that allows employees to manage their own benefits, add dependents online and change their details without any paper hassle.

Employees can also:

  • Access a statement of their total reward. This means employees can see – in real time – the true value of the benefits their employer is providing.
  • Make benefits selections, from insurance benefits through to discounted shopping.
  • Access, manage and make claims against their flexible spending accounts.
  • Make retirement decisions.
  • Book their leave and manage their absences.

Both the Control Centre and the Reward Centre are based on our sophisticated rules engine which allows us to configure even the most complicated employee benefits, policies and plans.

Do I have to download anything?

Darwin™ is an online solution, compatible with modern browsers: the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on your PC, IE 9.x and 10.x, as well as Safari on iOS7 and Chrome on Android.

Can I view it on a tablet, or smartphone?

Yes, through the browser.

The Reward Centre in particular is designed for tablets and built using HTML5. We chose to make it this way because:

  • There is rapid growth in the usage of tablets at home and in the workplace. There will be 905 million tablets in use for work and home globally by 2017 according to Mobile Adoption Trends by Forrester.
  • Employee benefits decisions are important, and affect employees’ families, as well as the employees themselves. So it is important to be able to make those decisions away from their desks and on a device they are comfortable with.

And is there an app for smartphones?

This is something we’re working on! Watch this space…