HR plays a key strategic role in any organisation. HR teams support employees on a regular basis. They distribute benefit and reward information, answer questions, and resolve employee-related issues. These range from employees not understanding their benefit eligibility, cost, taxation and claim process to just getting information on the benefits available.

HR Operations has historically relied on many resources to help employees get answers to those questions — paper and electronic policy guides, individual employment contracts, brokers or benefits carriers, scripts and benefit experts!

Traditionally, the solutions available to support HR are localised and not designed to solve the unique needs of a global HR model. Instead, many organisations have created country specific teams and broker/carrier relationships. These may be effective in dealing and reacting to individual queries. However, they do not deliver a consistent, effective solution that can scale with business growth, or provide access to key ‘big data’ requests across multiple markets.

Centralised administration hub

  • Our global benefits management software Darwin™ offers a globally accessible centralised administration hub for HR. It enables multinational organisations to have better governance and control.

  • Automated systems reduce manual processing. These help HR teams avoid errors, while automated reporting provides increased accuracy.

  • Global visibility of renewal dates and changes in the popularity of different benefits enables HR to control expenditure and harmonise their benefits offering across regions.

  • Darwin™ allows HR managers to help employees understand their benefits. HR can give employees all the information they need at the right time, and in the right way, by using the communication tools for targeted employee campaigns.

  • The powerful MI reporting provides quick answers to questions, such as, ‘How much are we spending on Medical in a region?’

Consistent administrator experience

  • By gathering all benefits data in one place HR can see the real cost of their benefits. This gives HR the tools they need to analyse and evaluate their spend, and to challenge their benefits providers or brokers.
  • Darwin™ standardises all administrative processes. This provides a consistent HR user experience globally and immediate access to localised rules and eligibility in a global platform.
  • Every transaction is globally audited and date/time stamped.

Reduced administrative overhead

  • Using global benefits management software makes processes more scalable. This enables HR to administer a greater range of benefits without additional overheads.
  • Darwin™ frees up time for value-adding activity rather than routine administration.
  • HR teams using a single platform gain an average 28.6% more time than those administering more than one system. This means they can spend more time adding value to the organisation.
  • Pre-built and scheduled reporting to benefit and payroll carriers removes the risk of manual intervention.
  • Consumer grade employee experience and personalised content available for every single employee reduces the level of HR and IT support.