Is your PMI scheme a ticking time bomb?

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As the number of people with long term health issues in the workplace continues to rise – there are currently over 560,000 people with cancer in the UK workplace alone, forecast to rise to over 1.1m by 2030* - the direct and indirect costs surrounding diagnosis, treatment and return-to-work for long term illnesses are becoming increasingly expensive and more complex to manage.

The need to stop spiralling PMI costs and your role as an employer in supporting your employees and their families through this time is more pressing than ever.
How will your organisation be able to continue covering long term illness claims? How can you ensure your PMI scheme does not become a ticking time bomb and what are the alternatives?

By watching this webinar recording you will:

  • Understand some of the hidden influences of cost challenges faced by most PMI schemes
  • Gain insight into market trends and predications for the future of employee cancer support
  • Discover the critical factors where you can support employees and the benefits of doing this
  • Learn how you can educate and raise awareness with your employees
  • Find out alternative ways of supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing from companies that are doing it already.

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*Oxford Economics, “Can Work, Will Work” Research

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