What makes a market-leading benefits scheme?

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Over half of employees say they want an allowance to help them stay mentally and physically well. And 65% want wider financial support outside of their pensions scheme.

But less than 10% of UK employers are currently providing any form of personalised benefits support. And nearly half are struggling to communicate what they offer.

Our research has revealed that the majority of UK employers need to change their approach to benefits to meet employee needs and be truly market-leading.

Join our upcoming webinar which explores the latest benefits trends and find out:

  • What support UK employees actually want from their employers to improve their financial, physical and mental wellness
  • What UK employers are currently doing in these areas
  • Where the gaps are in their overall approach, the benefits on offer and communications.


*Statistics from Thomsons Online Benefits Employee Benefits Watch 2016/17 which surveyed over 200 HR and reward professionals and 500 employees in the UK covering a headcount of nearly two million.



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