Our Service Level Agreement

We’re passionate about ensuring Thomsons' clients receive a consistently exceptional standard of service from us.

In our standard Service Level Agreement, you can find out how we measure the standard of service we provide to you against a set of quantitative targets, as well as an FAQ document.

One of Thomsons’ core values is to Challenge Everything and Deliver Excellence, so in line with this, the Service Level Agreement is intended to be a living document that we expect to enhance over time. We seek to attain higher performance standards by continuously improving, adding new Service Level Objectives both for existing services and for new services that may be introduced during the life of the contract with the client.

We commit that over the life of the client’s contract, Thomsons will not withdraw existing Service Level Objectives or make any of the associated targets less stringent, nor will we change or strengthen the caveats and conditions associated with the measurement of those objectives. Any changes we make will only ever be in pursuit of improvement.

These documents are confidential and must only be opened and read by the person directly supplied with the link to this web page by Thomsons.  The URL for this page must not be divulged to any person as it is solely for the use of those people who are directly involved in the process of reaching a commercial agreement with Thomsons for the supply of a benefits administration solution.