As a diverse and growing business, Danone recognised it was important to build a strong reward brand, which would engage employees meaningfully with their benefits. Discover how Danone achieved its aims and won “Most Engaging Benefits Package” at the Employee Benefits Awards 2014.

The challenge

With a diverse employee-base, spanning five business areas and three locations, Danone understands the importance of a strong, unified brand identity, and the need to support it with meaningful and engaging employee communications.

With a parent company-led strategy to position Danone as a “great place to grow”, increasing employees’ engagement with their benefits and the broader benefits strategy was key, while meeting corporate goals – such as supporting the selection of cost-effective benefits and enabling pension scheme members to switch schemes – remained essential.


The solution

Thomsons Online Benefits designed and implemented an online benefits platform – myreward – to engage with employees based across different business areas and locations.

To successfully meet communication needs while catering for Danone UK’s diverse audience and emphasising the “great place to grow” strategy, Thomsons created visually complementary HR communications campaigns using a garden theme. Fun and engaging, incorporating Danone UK’s HR colour palette this future-proof concept provided huge scope for copywriting purposes.


The result 

During the benefits selection window, over 83% of Danone’s UK employee base (versus a target of 60%) logged in to “myreward”. The goal of encouraging at least 80% of pension scheme members to switch to the new pensions offering was met – with two business units reaching a switch rate of 99%. Furthermore, there was a corresponding increase in sign-up to the pensions scheme – with over 74% of the workforce now enrolled.

John Mayor

Head of UK Rewards & HR Efficiencies - Danone

Imagine if 12 months ago I said to our employees that one day they’d be sat in front of the latest, greatest, state of the art online benefits portal. Overflowing with exciting new benefits and one that’s so intuitive; it actually promotes your business as a “Great Place to Grow” at every click. They would have looked at me in that certain way! Isn’t it great how quickly things change? With everything that’s new and innovative, you must have a fully connected communication strategy and know how to implement it. It really doesn’t matter how great your offering is or how interactive your platform may be – without engaging your employees in the right way, you wouldn’t even get them to log on! With Thomsons, we get both – a great benefits portal, brilliant employee communication resulting in over 80 percent employee engagement.

The results? The numbers speak for themselves

Saving on PMI premium

Uplift in pension members

Employees switched to the new pension

New benefits selections made

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