HID Global

With a diverse workforce across the UK, HID Global needed an online benefits solution that employees could access from any location, while reducing the administration burden on HR.

The challenge

HID Global is a leading manufacturer of security identity solutions. HID Global needed to increase engagement and awareness of their employee benefits in the UK. It also wanted to reduce administration for their HR team.

HID Global has a diverse workforce based across several different sites in the UK. It wanted to find the best way to reach every employee, whether they were in an office, a warehouse or on the road.


The solution

Thomsons designed and implemented an integrated benefits solution. This would use improved communications and accessibility to increase engagement.

Thomsons' online platform DarwinTM gave HID Global employees an easy way to control their benefits wherever they were. The online sign-up process reduced the administration burden by removing all paperwork.

Thomsons reviewed HID Global's benefits offering and identified the most popular benefits. Thomsons renegotiated terms on these to maximise return on investment. Thomsons also used its extensive pension consulting experience to review HID Global's pension scheme. This enabled HID Global to increase engagement as well as reduce annual management fees.


The result 

HID Global engaged an impressive 80% of their staff, who logged in to the benefits portal during the launch window.

DarwinTM enabled HID Global to significantly reduce the administration needed to run their benefits and pension programmes. This saved two days’ work a month.

Furthermore, HID Global was able to achieve an ongoing annual saving of £20,000 in broking fees.

Adam Bell

HR Manager EMEA

We were looking for a partner to raise awareness and engagement levels around our reward programme and to reduce the administration burden. We appointed Thomsons Online Benefits as the quality and content of their Darwin™ platform was in our view the best available in the market and they had extensive pension consulting experience. They haven’t disappointed, three months after implementation the results speak for themselves.

The results? The numbers speak for themselves

Of logins to portal within launch window

Annual savings from broking fees

2 Days
Each month saved on HR administration

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