Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP

By partnering with Thomsons, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP implemented a pension plan and flexible benefits package to increase employee awareness and reduce administration burden.

The challenge

As one of the UK’s top legal firms, Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP (RPC), wanted to communicate their uniquely accessible and enterprising culture more effectively to their employees and potential recruits. Whilst already having a good standard benefits package in place, they wanted to offer their employees more choice and flexibility. 

In particular, the main focus was to introduce a new pension scheme, increase employee awareness and understanding around benefits, reduce the administrative burden of running a benefit programme and improve recruitment and retention. RPC strongly believed that this would help them to attract employees with values similar to theirs from higher paying firms. They also believed it would help them retain existing talent.


The solution

Thomsons Online Benefits partnered with RPC to implement a pension plan and flexible benefits package branded ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’, which focused on the quality of work/life balance and health and wellbeing. Total Reward Statements were used to increase visibility and maximise employee appreciation. A broad and innovative suite of benefits were put in place including buying and selling of holidays, a ride to work scheme, massages, pilates, guitar lessons, travel insurance, discounted dining, salary sacrifice car parking spaces and a stop smoking scheme.

To maximise engagement, an innovative communications scheme was created. At launch, jelly beans were placed on each desk along with credit cards containing usernames and passwords. RPC also ran a provider fair so employees could speak to HR representatives and individual benefit providers.


The result

The project saw a huge increase in the awareness of the benefit offering, with an estimated 50% reduction in administration and over 400 instances of tracked ‘flex’ activity. Furthermore, as a result of a pensions review, the annual pensions membership charge was reduced by 50% for the majority of employees. RPC are now attracting the very best talent from their competitors.

Rachel Davis

HR Manager

Our ability to recruit and retain the very best people is critical. We believe our innovative, integrated approach to employee rewards, benefits and pensions is an essential part of our offering and the ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ scheme supports our unique culture. We believe it also helps to engage our people, with 60% citing a strong awareness of their benefits package.

The results? The numbers speak for themselves

Per year saved through pension salary sacrifice

Of savings passed onto staff as pension contributions

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