Discover how Sage revitalised their benefits brand and unified their workforce around their ‘One Sage’ business vision.

The challenge

With their tech-savvy and geographically spread colleagues, Sage set out on a mission to unify their company globally and improve engagement with their benefits.

With huge goals to achieve, they needed a partner to help them on the journey: enter Thomsons Online Benefits.

Together, we undertook a comprehensive benefits audit with focus groups and surveys, which revealed that colleagues weren’t as engaged with their benefits as Sage expected and the range was seen as limited and inflexible. Not only that, but a lack of administration efficiencies meant there was a huge burden on the team.


The solution

With the insights discovered, the ‘One Sage’ benefits vision was born, and alongside it a complete redesign of the ‘Sage Rewards’ benefits brand with a modern, appealing feel to it. Sage’s Darwin-powered benefits platform now offers a one-stop-shop for colleague reward, 24/7 year-round access and increased benefits choice to boot!

To engage their workforce with 'Sage Rewards', Thomsons and Sage devised a fun, festival-themed communications campaign where colleagues could select their very own benefits ‘line-up’.

The festival was sectioned into Sage’s benefits groups; the health arena, lifestyle field and wealth tent which aimed to show the wide variety of choice and the flexibility colleagues had to choose the benefits relevant to them. The benefits ‘line-up’ was announced via emails, flyers, TV screens and their intranet. Lanyards, bunting, hay bales, a photobooth and candy floss added to the fun!

Following the festival, Sage continues to use Darwin™ Analytics Centre to measure benefits engagement and improve their communications. They can now segment and target those less engaged with their benefits.


The result

Sage has achieved staggering levels of colleague engagement with their benefits – logins to their benefits platform, powered by Darwin, increased 56% and benefit selections 62%.

Colleagues chose the benefits they asked for – take-up of computer loans increased 583%.

With increased ease of access, 41% of 556 auto-enrolled colleagues increased their contributions.

All this has culminated in winning the ‘Most engaging benefits proposition’ at the Employee Benefits Awards 2017!

Kelly Mitchell

Global Benefits and Recognition Lead, Sage

We’re delighted with the results we’ve achieved working with Thomsons. Colleague engagement with their benefits has skyrocketed and now our colleagues really value our benefits offering. The festival was a great way to launch and communicate our package, and using Darwin Analytics Centre has opened the door to other ways we can engage our colleagues going forward. We’re looking forward to the next stage in our journey with Thomsons – launching our ‘One Sage’ benefits strategy globally!

The results? The numbers speak for themselves

Increase in platform logins

Increase in benefit selections

Of 556 auto-enrolled colleagues increased their contributions

Increase in colleague satisfaction

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