Trowers & Hamlins

Discover how Trowers & Hamlins launched a fully interactive global flexible benefits scheme, the first of its kind in the legal sector, empowering employees to manage their own benefits.

The challenge

Trowers & Hamlins is a leading international law firm with 700 employees based in the UK, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai, Egypt and Oman. With benefits provision being very UK centric, there was a lack of knowledge of what benefits were offered across different regions, and issues with its previous paper-based flex scheme which included poor awareness, low participation and low perceived value. The new HR team were up against very tight timescales to implement a new scheme that delivered increased awareness, appreciation of and participation in employee benefits. Improved retention and employee engagement were key requirements of the project along with offering a superior remuneration package that could be implemented on a global basis.


The solution

Thomsons designed and implemented a global flexible benefits scheme, creating a unifying reward brand, th&me. The scheme is the first global flexible benefits programme to be introduced in the legal sector and is fully interactive, empowering employees to manage their own benefits.

By grouping all benefits under the same four headings (Financial Protection, Health and Wellbeing, Discounts and Additional Benefits), the scheme is structured consistently across different regions whilst still catering for regional variances. The new scheme allows Trowers to offer a technical interface that caters for differing local requirements, including locally-tailored communications activity. In addition to this Darwin™ technology enables Trowers to remain compliant with local benefits regulations across multiple countries.


The result

As a result of the project, the unifying th&me brand allows Trowers’ diverse employee base to directly engage with the flexible benefits scheme on an international basis. All new joiners have cited th&me as an important part of their decision making process when considering their offer of employment, with an average increase in perceived value of 25%. 80% of employees surveyed agreed the new system is easier to use than the previous paper based system. Darwin’s™ ability to link directly to Trowers & Hamlin’s payroll system also eradicates payroll errors.

Paul Robinson

HR Director

th&me has enabled us to successfully reach and engage our diverse employee population across our global sites, with a market leading reward package. As well as the benefits we have seen with improvements in recruitment and retention, the scheme has also delivered considerable cost savings for the firm.

The results? The numbers speak for themselves

Per annum reduction in annual benefits

Reduction in staff turnover

Increase in take-up in international offices

Of employees perceived an increase in their remuneration

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